epitaxy supporting software

EPsetup.zip - the evaluation version
of EPITAXYproject v.3.1.8 (3.3MB)
. It includes below modules.
EPITAXYproject.pdf - software description & manual (500kB).
Download QWproject_setup.zip - calculation software for semiconductor quantum well structures v.1.5.0 (720kB).
Download BRproject_setup.zip - simulation software for 1-dimensional photonic structures v.1.4.8 (904kB).
Download Jproject_setup.zip - potential profile analysis for heterojunction structures v.1.4.0 (1.5MB) - test version.


Note: All the software is in development stage and may exhibit errors and generate exceptions.

To install run the compressed setup program.

   System requirements
  • 1024x768 or higher screen resolution,
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 please look at the "System requiremenrts" section of the manual.
  If you have a comment or you are interested in the commercial version please contact: support@epitaxyproject.com.

   EPITAXYproject mark assigns the software package developed for basic support of epitaxial growth of semiconductor materials and structures. The software was primarily designed to assist epitaxy of number of III-V ternaries and quaternaries but currently is helpful in wider area of the material growth and structure or device stack evaluation. Its semiconductor compound specific tools cover growth-related problems for  many III-Vs, II-VIs and other compounds.
   The first one software module is directed towards basic applications as the reactor flows maintenance utility for set of prefixed and user defined semiconductors. The flow correction computing makes the work with quaternaries or higher order compounds efficient and comfortable. The included semiconductor compounds database can provide very useful service for anyone interested in multiple compounds physical constants data.
   The package second feature concentrates on structures with a quantum well by simulation of the inter-band transitions with handy user interface and choice of prefixed barrier/well systems. It can be applied for the calculation of eigenstates, their wavefunctions and transitions energies.
   Within the frames of structure characterization available is the third program aim spotted on 1-dimensional photonic structures like Bragg reflectors by the estimation of the reflectance spectra. It is ready for the experimental with theoretical data fitting.
   Evaluation of the electrical potential in hetero- junctions is delivered by a separate package module.
   The additional set of calculators can make the ordinary life with epitaxy more convenient and effective. Between them are MOCVD partial pressures calculator and XRD reflexion angle calculator.

EPITAXYproject is being developed, inclusion of new materials and functions should process in the future. The last updated evaluation version together with modules for QW, reflector and junction evaluation is available to download.

    The software creation and tests were inspired by everyday needs of the epitaxy laboratory in Epi-Lab.com.

    If need help using the EPITAXYproject software please contact support@epitaxyproject.com, available is also the html help file.


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